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Puppy Parties

Wellpets run a 4 week puppy socialisation course

Puppy Socialisation Classes

We run a 4 week puppy socialisation course for our clients and their puppies here at Wellpets Clevedon. Ran by Lucy, one of our qualified veterinary nurses (RVN).

Lucy has a wealth of experience with puppies, last year raising a litter of Border Collies! During the course you and your puppy will learn about the importance of socialisation, basic training commands and techniques. You will receive helpful handouts and lots of freebies throughout the course to help you and your puppy prepare for the big wide world. This is also a great way of getting your puppy used to the Wellpets practice and team, as well as associating a visit to the vets with a fun experience!

Course Timetable:

Session 1:

  • The importance of socialisation
  • Interaction with new people/situations
  • The chance to meet and talk to other clients with new puppies
  • Getting to know the Wellpets team
  • A chance to explore behind the scenes

Session 2:

  • Basic training (sit and down)
  • Handling and inspection to maintain health
  • Sound socialisation part 1

Session 3:

  • Basic training (stand, release and recall)
  • Sound socialisation part 2

Session 4:

  • Basic training (heel and lead walking)
  • Course achievement review
  • Graduation party and certificate presentation

This fantastic 4-week tailor-made course costs just £30 and runs every Friday between 12pm-1pm at Wellpets Clevedon.

For more information or to book your place on the course please contact us on 01275 874851.