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Pet Passports

Guidance for travelling with your pet

If you are considering travelling outside the UK with your pet, we strongly recommend you discuss your pet’s needs with your vet and also keep up to date with the latest information at Defra.

The Pet Travel Scheme was introduced several years ago, and it is a protocol of rules and requirements to ensure the UK stays free from rabies and certain other exotic diseases.

In summary- any cat, dog or ferret entering the UK, or re-entering the UK from certain other countries must have:

  • Microchip (implanted before rabies vaccination)
  • Rabies vaccination (given AT LEAST 21 days before entry to the UK) and this must be KEPT UP TO DATE. Please note that although the duration of immunity of some rabies vaccines are 2-3 years, some countries require a booster EVERY YEAR
  • Pet passport (issued by your vet)
  • Tapeworm treatment (dogs only)- Administered by a vet, 24-120 hours before he pet’s scheduled arrival time in the UK 

We also strongly recommend tick treatment (which is no longer mandatory before return to the UK under the Pet Travel Scheme). Ticks are parasites which can carry many different serious diseases, some of which we don’t have in the UK and some can affect humans as well as animals. Your vet will be happy to advise you on some very effective products that repel ticks from even latching on to your pet, let alone feeding from them and transmitting disease.

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