November's Pet of The Month!

Our pet of the month bravery award goes to the lovely Jasmine. Jasmine came to see after experiencing intermittent episodes of crying out in pain. Laura the vet examine her and found she had a very sore neck so recommended referral for an MRI to check her neck and spine. This showed that poor Jasmine had an inter-vertebral disc extrusion (otherwise known as a "slipped disc") at the vertebrae in her neck which was causing compression of her spinal cord. 

She had a special procedure performed called a ventral slot by a specialist neurologist surgeon to remove the extruded disc material and decompress the spinal cord. The surgery went very well and on recovery Jasmine seemed very comfortable and was moving her neck well.

We saw her yesterday for her post op check and were thrilled to see how well Jasmine is doing - now fully recovered, happy and pain free!

Well done Jasmine - very brave girl, and very deserving of our Pet of the Month!