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Porky Pets – A Growing Problem

Almost two thirds of humans in the UK weight more than they should, and it’s no surprise we’re passing on the same modern day problem to our pets: recent reports suggest up to half of all dogs and almost as many cats in the UK are overweight.

Just as with humans, obesity is a big problem. Not only does it shorten lives, it makes them less enjoyable. Being overweight can increase the chance of developing unpleasant and often painful disorders such as arthritis, diabetes mellitus, cardiorespiratory, urinary and reproductive diseases, and cancer. Studies have also shown that dogs and cat who have lost weight tend to be more active and enjoy themselves more; having better quality of lives purely by being happier.

And why do our pets get fat? There are three main reasons: they aren’t getting enough exercise, are eating more food than they need, and eating ‘extra’ calories in the form of treats and human food or leftovers. The last cause is a very important and often overlooked factor. For instance, did you know if you gave your 10kg dog a single biscuit, you’d need to eat an entire hamburger to consume the same number of calories relative to your body size? If you poured your cat a cup of milk, then you’d have to eat three hamburgers!

Obesity in cats and dogs is a real problem, but you and your pet aren’t alone: you have Wellpets to help! All it takes is an appointment at a Weight Clinic to get started. You can get advice, information and even diet food if necessary to make our pet leaner, more active and healthy again.