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Lungworm Cases on The Rise

Lungworm is a disease of dogs, and until recently was uncommon away from the ‘hot spots’ of southern England and Wales. But more and more cases are turning up all over, and the BS postcode is now a region in the UK with one of the highest infection rates – 35 confirmed cases so far - and it is likely there are a lot more undiagnosed infections out there.

Signs can be vague and nonspecific:

  • Breathing problems
  • Tiredness after exercise
  • Coughing
  • Weight loss
  • Unexplained bleeding.

Many infected dogs will have mild symptoms that don’t warrant a ‘visit to the vet’. But as the infection progresses, severe illness and even in some cases death can result!

Dogs are infected when they eat slugs and snails, and even licking a snail trail can be a way to catch the disease. Dog toys and food bowls left outdoors are often visited by snails and slugs during the night, so the risk is there even for dogs who don’t actively search for fresh garden escargot!

Luckily there is an excellent drug that prevents Lungworm infection; used year round the parasite protection protocol we recommend will also keep your dog 100% Lungworm free. And if you join up to the Wellpets Pet Health Club (PHC), this treatment is included as part of the package.

So bring in your dog’s bowls and toys every night, and have a chat to your Wellpets vet about protection against all dog parasites and the PHC.