7 Tips For Vet Visits

We know how worrying visits to the vets can be for you and your pet. Check out some helpful tips on how to make the whole experience less stressful!

Pop in for treats & cuddles!

You can always bring your pet in for some treats and fuss to get them used to being in the waiting room. This also gives us an opportunity to weigh them. Hopefully your pet will then begin to associate coming to the vets with treats and praise. Our reception team give out the best cuddles.

Home comforts

If your pet has to stay with us for the day for any reason, feel free to bring him/her in some creature comforts (forgive the pun) from home. Blankets, toys or bedding from home may help them stay calmer when in with us due to the familiar scent. If you’re bringing in a cat, feel free to let our nurses know what type of cat litter you use at home or if they prefer any particular type of food.

Cat shelf at Wellpets Clevedon

To avoid any accidental dog/cat interactions, we’ve recently got some new shelving units in our waiting room at our Clevedon where you can place your cat’s carrier. This will keep them up and out of the way of any boisterous other patients!

Examinations at home

Get your pet used to being examined at home. Your furry friend will be much more relaxed at home with you so it’s a great idea to get him/her used to being examined with someone they trust in a calm environment. But don’t worry, you don’t need to be a veterinary professional! Just try lifting their ears, running your hands over their tummy and holding up their paws. Remember to give lots of praise and treats throughout. This will make them more relaxed in a consultation.

Encourage the cat carrier

Chances are if your cat sees the cat carrier they are straight out the back door! Encourage your cat to go into their carrier at home without always coming to the vets. This will help them be calmer when going in the carrier to the vets. Make sure your cat’s carrier is large enough for them to move around comfortably and have multiple doors/exits to get them out of the carrier safely! Provide them with lots of treats when they go inside the carrier.

Practice car journeys

Some cats and dogs begin to associate car journeys with trips to the vets so to try and reduce their anxiety, take them out for short trips in the car or even just encourage them to get in the car regularly. Don’t forget the praise!

Calming aids

There are some calming aids available, such as Feliway for cats or Adaptil for dogs. Using these in and around your pet’s carrier, harness or bed may help calm them before a trip to the vets. You could even use them in the car! For more information about these products drop us an email or call.

Hopefully doing these things it will help improve your visits to us. If you need any more help or advice, please don’t hesitate to contact us.