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Cat Vaccinations

Due to supply issues with cat vaccines at the moment we have had to consider reserving vaccines for the most vulnerable patients, to best protect the cat population as a whole. This is not just Wellpets, but all practices throughout the Southwest, UK, and indeed Europe. It does not affect dog vaccines.

Vaccinations will have to be prioritised for kittens undergoing their primary course and those adult cats not previously vaccinated. Priority may have to be considered being given to cats going into higher risk scenarios such as catteries over lower risk scenarios, which may reasonably be delayed. 

To conserve supplies we propose extending the interval for boosters in older cats that have had their primary vaccine course to 15 months. This change is an attempt to protect as many individuals as possible and the risk to older cats with good vaccination history in a lower risk environment is extremely low compared to the risk of significant outbreaks if we didn’t do this. Immunity does not abruptly stop, and many individuals can have sufficient immunity to last them many months once well established.

I hope you understand the changes we are having to make, and can be accommodating at this time.

Thank you to our valued clients

The Wellpets team